Fostering resilience at Hutchison

By FCPS News
November 26, 2019
Hutchison Staff

Hutchison ES staff went above and beyond the call of duty as a community school by serving as an evacuation site when 16 homes in the community had to be cleared for a natural gas leak. Hutchison staff welcomed community members warmly, while continuing the uninterrupted school day for more than 1,100 students. The Hutchison team worked closely with FCPS' Office of Safety and Security, Fairfax County Emergency Medical Service, Fire and Rescue, and the Red Cross to provide supports for the families who had been evacuated.

Support went well into the evening and included providing shelter, food, and necessities. All families were either united with family or friends, or were placed in hotels overnight. Despite the situation, 18 of the 26 Hutchison students who were displaced reported to school on time the next day. The remaining eight students made it to school by noon, due to the committed actions of the parent liaisons, social worker, office staff, and the administrators at Hutchison ES. It was truly a team effort and an excellent representation of Caring Culture.