Mr. Nunez Recognized as the FCPS 2022 Region 1 Outstanding School-Based Operational Employee

Ms. Le Blanc, Ms. Day, Ms. Wilson, Ms. Norseen, and Principal Aiello Also Recognized at FCPS Honors!

By Department of Human Resources
June 08, 2022

jordan nunezCongratulations to custodian Jordan Nunez who was recognized as the FCPS 2022 Region 1 Outstanding School-Based Operational Employee and one of the six finalists for the FCPS Outstanding School-Based Operational Employee at this year's FCPS Honors event, held at George Mason University Center for the Arts on June 8th.

Coming from a family of Nunez's that have worked at and attended Hutchison Elementary School, it is part of Jordan Nunez’ background and thus he takes care of it like his own home. Jordan is a hard worker that puts in long hours of preparatory maintenance allowing for students and staff to have a smooth day. He checks back with staff regarding previously discussed topics and issues to see if the resolutions he provided fulfilled their needs. From assisting and solving complex logistics issues to simply moving boxes, Jordan Nunez is always looking for new tasks to help people and to make the work place better.

Congratulations to our following staff members who were also recognized at this year's FCPS Honors Ceremony!

Region 1 Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee and Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee Finalist

  • Carly Le Blanc, School Based Technology Specialist

Outstanding Elementary New Teacher School-level Recipient

  • Nina Day, Music Teacher

Outstanding School-Based Leader

  • Jackie Wilson, Assistant Principal

Outstanding Elementary Teacher School-level Recipient

  • Diana Norseen, First Grade Teacher

Outstanding Principal Nominee

  • Sarah Aiello

Thank you to Kelly Coghlan for all of their hard work with the nomination process by serving as this year's awards liaison.